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Innovation in the Cloud

The cloud is revolutionizing IT and triggering a shift in how companies operate and build digital products and services. But cloud is just not a cost saving tool, effectively used Public Cloud platforms can be a source of Innovation.

Innovating requires three things to happen

  1. Deep understanding of the people or actual users of the digital product or solution
  2. Exploration of the problem space in search of a solution and create a multitude of solutions
  3. Evaluate the solution for its efficacy.

Organizations can leverage public or private cloud platforms to create the perfect environment for innovation. Deep understanding of the users is usually absent and has to be built. A prototyping approach where one can build, explore and get agreement is a better approach than the traditional method of trying to understand everything and going and building the product.

Cloud platforms can come in very handy for testing a multitude of ideas, creating low and high fidelity prototypes, deploying the prototypes to a select set of users and then learning from these users about the software. Companies should realign their exploration phase to test out different ideas, prototype and iterate to improve these ideas or phase them out and combine them with other ideas. A gaming environment where different groups can prototype their idea and get feedback, and different ideas are voted can help an in house crowd sourcing and a melting pot of ideas.

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