Innovations do not have to happen only in your R&D department. Innovations can happen in every part of the organization and every business process. Through our InnoDrive, you can battle test your innovation strategies in the areas of:Pricing decisions

Answer questions like: How will pricing effect my overall profit, market share etc. under the following scenarios with the two new pricing schemes?

  1. Market expands rapidly by bringing new and unknown users but competition cuts prices
  2. Market stays the same and competition offers reduced prices
  3. Market shrinks and the competition cuts prices

Product/Service Level Decisions

Create differentiated services and products by tweaking the features and product configurations to reach different market segments at different price points.

  1. Creating differentiated or lower/higher priced services can meet different market segments
  2. Pocket Price Margins
    1. Visualize the pocket price margin impact for different volume discounting scenarios.
  3. Quote Velocity: Your organizational throughput is the number of orders fulfilled per day after taking into account the cycle times. In other words, your entire revenue divided by the number of days, gives you the total order value per day. Similarly your total orders divided by the number of days in a year, gives the number of orders per day. We create a metric which we believe is a good way of viewing your organizational or process health which is the Quote Velocity or the number of Quotes which eventually get converted to Orders per day.
    1. Visualize Quote Velocity as number of Quotes converted into orders per day and see how different policy decisions can influence the quote velocity and thereby your top line and bottom line.