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Decision Products


A cloud hosted assumptions learning engine supported by intelligence that constantly evaluates various supply chain assumptions at an item level and updates when necessary.


A cloud hosted forecasting engine supported by intelligence that constantly learns customer purchasing patterns, sales person’s effectiveness and supplier lead times.


A Cloud hosted pricing evaluation engine for in-flight transactions. The engine takes the order and customer meta data to identify anomalous transactions and estimate their pocket price / pocket margin.


A Cloud hosted text analysis engine, that analyzes large sets of documents, creates a knowledge ontology and then provides various insights.

Consulting Services

Organizations are complex and have unique problems that need the help of our consulting services arm. Data science is not about data, rather it is the business problems. We use a problem first approach to data science and typically divide our consulting into three areas:

  1. Data Science & AI
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Business Process Improvement

Apps Consultants knowledge and understanding of Oracle technologies and products and their domain knowledge makes them invaluable. I would not hesitate to hire them again.
— Pankaj Khandwal Director, Oracle Consulting

I would rate Apps Consultants very highly in terms of providing quality resources, responsiveness, client satisfaction and consistency. I will definitely engage them again if the opportunity presents and can recommend them strongly to others with no reservations.
– Deepak Seth, Xerox Strategy & Execution Leader

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